One time I was too busy dying with laughter to help… Time 1/?

Published July 18, 2015 by secretlymythical

Hmm Katie. It’s your second blog post, what should you do…

Hey let’s show people that this blog isn’t always serious and add some humour to brighten up someone’s day!

Okay so a few months ago, I was in my living room being the good little student and revising for my physics exam. I was home alone as my parents finish work late, when I heard a huge ‘thud’ from upstairs. 

Needless to say I pretty much cacked my pants after watching one to many Doctor Who episodes to know what that sound meant.

So I went upstairs to make sure that there wasn’t an extra-terrestrial creeping through my bedroom window, when I saw this sight in the bathroom:

My cat had tried to jump through the window but had instead gotten his claws stuck on the rubber. 

I stood there dying with laughter for about a minute, when he sort of leant backwards *you can see his head going in the photo* and fell off, twisting his body and landing on the extension roof. 

Let me know if you liked this story and want to hear more things like this in the comments. I hope this made your life just a bit better, byeeee!


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